Terms and Conditions


01. An introduction is deemed to be made when the Nicklin’s Nannies discloses or provides to the client the name of the candidate or the candidates details either verbally, by email, mail or telephone.


02. Signing Nicklin’s Nannies registration form is deemed as your immediate acceptance of our terms and conditions of business and fee structure and agreement to make full payment once a candidate has been verbally offered and accepted the position. If the registration form is submitted via email then this act will be deemed as your acceptance to the terms also. Once either of these forms have been signed, then you are agreeing to enter a contract with Nicklin’s Nannies. The contractual agreements lie between the client and Nicklin’s Nannies, not between an employed nanny.


03. The client agrees to notify the Nicklin’s Nannies as soon as the candidate accepts the position, verbally or in writing, whichever is sooner, and invoicing will be from this date.


04. The client agrees to pay the required fee in full within seven days of the invoice or before the nanny commences employment, which ever is sooner.


05. Nicklin’s Nannies reserves the right to charge the client a 25% surcharge on all accounts not settled within the required time period and in addition reclaim any costs incurred if further action needs to be taken.


06. Where an immediate start is required for the candidate then payment is due immediately.


07. All introductions are regarded as private and confidential. Should Nicklin’s Nannies introduce a candidate who is then employed directly and the agency not informed within seven days then the client will be liable for the full fee.


08. If the candidates details are passed onto a third party which subsequently results in the candidate being employed then the client will be responsible for the full fee.


09. At no point does the candidate represent or have any authority to act on behalf of Nicklin’s Nannies.


10. Nicklin’s Nannies ensures that all appropriate and relevant checks are made and makes every effort to verify the suitability of all candidates put forward to clients. Nicklin’s Nannies, however,  cannot be held responsible in anyway and accepts no liability whatsoever for the actions of any candidate at any point in time of losses, damages, deaths etc by such actions due to the candidate not being actually employed by the agency.


11. Nicklin’s Nannies follows up all references supplied by the candidate but it is the client’s sole responsibility to satisfy himself/herself as to the suitability of the candidate introduced before employment commences. This includes confirmation of qualifications/references, for both of which Nicklin’s Nannies cannot accept any liability for any discrepancies found.


12. Nicklin’s Nannies gives no warranty for a candidate’s reliability, character, suitability,honesty or capacity.


13. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they have in place all the relevant insurance policies to cover any situations that may arise from the actions of the candidate and again Nicklin’s Nannies accepts no responsibility for any results from actions of the candidate at any time.


14. All candidates are employed by the client who will be responsible for all tax, national insurance and contract issues. We can recommend a payroll service who can deal with these issues for a fee but it is an introduction only. Nicklin’s Nannies strongly recommends having a comprehensive contract of employment drawn up before employment commences, we offer a contract of employment as a guide only for the client.


15. Should the client cancel the agreement between the time of offer and the start date 50% of the fee will be payable to Nicklin’s Nannies providing the client has informed us in writing in no less than 14 days before the candidate is due to start work. Any cancellations of less than 14 days notice are liable for the full agency fee.


16. If the client should terminate the employment of the candidate within the first 4 weeks and a suitable replacement not found within three weeks then Nicklin’s Nannies, at its discretion, may refund the client the following percentage of the original fee-

a. Termination within the first week 75% less £50 admin charge

b. Termination between weeks 2 and 3 50% less £50 admin charge

c. Termination in week 4 25% less £50 admin charge


17. The above refunds will be subject to the following conditions-

a. Nicklin’s Nannies is informed within 2 days of termination of employment

b. The client does not instruct another agency during the 3 weeks to find a replacement

c. The relevant fee was settled in full within 7 days of the invoice, or if the candidate started before the end of the 7 day period, the fee was paid before the candidate started work

d. The employment was not cancelled by the candidate due to unreasonable demands by the client, or a change in job description, or a change of location, or unreasonable working conditions or breach of the employment contract by the client (whether signed or not) or employment regulations (including pay).


18. Nicklin’s Nannies can offer no refund policy if the employment is terminated after 4 weeks from the start date.


19. Please be aware that Nicklin’s Nannies is an employment agency working on your behalf to find you a suitable childcarer. Nicklin’s Nannies are not the employer and are therefore not supplying nanny services on a sub contract basis.


20. If the client employs a candidate on a temporary basis and then the employment turns into a permanent position then the client will be liable to pay the extra appropriate fees.


21. Nicklin’s Nannies reserves the right the change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notification, however the changes will be posted on the website. Its your responsibility to check the terms and conditions and if you continue to use the site and our services once a change has been made then you are in acceptance of the changes.


22. Nicklin’s Nannies works to protect the security of your information by using secure pages. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software which protects your information and privacy which you input into the website.


23. Nicklin’s Nannies uses cookies on the website to help it run reliably and efficiently. It will log the users IP address and this is essential to keep the website and its visitors safe from attacks and infections from malware. The cookies stored by this website cannot be used to identify you personally.